Blockchain technology is a ledger that records the balance and history of all accounts participating in its transaction chain.

Each block will contain information on the time of initialization and associated with the previous block, along with a code of time and transaction data. When data is accepted by the network, there is no way to change it. Blockchain is designed to against fraud and change data.



Realizing the potential of Blockchain technology, Blockchain Center was established with the task of researching new applications of Blockchain into all traditional industries, promoting apply of technology to global development, most is in the era of technology revolution 4.0.

Blockchain Center is an activity center for developing the Blockchain ecosystem, striving to focus solutions apply Blockchain on multi-disciplinary ecosystems, especially the DApp – Decentralized Application.


Payment And Currency

Blockchain processes payment, eliminating the need for a 3rd party that is very common in the current payment process.

Supply Chain Management

Whenever an asset changes owner or asset status, Blockchain would be an ideal choice to manage that process quickly, accurately and transparently.

Protect assets

Currently, digital information can be copied and distributed widely on the Internet. This has caused copyright owners lose control of intellectual property and lose copyright costs.

System of personal and confidentiality records

when the Government manages a large amount of personal data from birth/ mortal  records to marriage certificates, passports and census data . Blockchain technology provides a reasonable solution to manage them all safely.

Blockchain in the accounting, finance and bank

Blockchain help reduce the likelihood of errors when comparing the complex information from various sources in accounting. Quick transactions, eliminate duplicate data, high security, can not edit and change once saved to Blockchain.

Blockchain in medical and education

Blockchain will help create records, manage processes, store and share information and data on the Blockchain platform, combine processes that need to confirm signatures and QR codes, recording events and timing of procedures or  events, … a safe and absolute security



Blockchain solving many problems such as: Food safety allow consumers to know the origin of food, food supply chains, Agri inputs, minimize procedures for  registration, information on disbursement of subsidies to the hands of farmers, …

Blockchain in IoT

IoT is the management of a control network of several types of electronic devices, such as the temperature of air in a warehouse. Smart contract can automate the management of this system remotely.


Apply Blockchain for e-Government:  Blockchain technology helps control absolute personal data flow, ensure privacy as well as manage identity and authentication information with simple


Blockchain Center builds an ecosystem to help individuals, businesses, start-ups have innovative ideas and want to get involved in Blockchain field. Developed by the group leading experts in fields such as Marketing, finance and Blockchain technology.




Blockchain Center training to raise awareness

DATA Blockchain & Crypto Asian summit


Launch of Blockchain Center in Vietnam

Supported start-up Blockchain and provide training programs


Established Blockchain Center in Singapore

Blockchain support service and development supply chain of Blockchain platform (ongoing)


Laboratory and research development

Cryptocurrency exchange

Blockchain encryption training academy


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Vietnam Organized The First-Ever Blockchain Summit


Blockchain – The Promisinp Technology for Vietnam’s Development in the Industry 4.0 Vietnam Blockchain Week (VBW) was held on 7-8 March in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of over 2500 delegates from all over the world. The event provides a unique and in-depth insight into blockchain, from the current status, policies, applications to […]

Blockchain & Crypto Summit Asia: Introducing breakthrough technology


On September 9, 2017, at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, MVS Development and Investment Co., Ltd. held the conference “Blockchain & Crypto Summit, Asia 2017” with presentations on evaluating technology and financial market from experts from UK, USA, Canada, Vietnam, etc Blockchain & Crypto Asia 2017 is the first event held in Vietnam in […]

Techfest 2019: Deputy Minister Of Science And Technology Encouraged Blockchain Development


Blockchain Center Singapore has participated in exhibiting and introducing the BotsChain technology platform at the National Startups Festival – TECHFEST VIETNAM in 3 days (December 4&5&6,2019) Botschain brought the optimal solutions which have widely been applied to a community such as business and individuals. Besides, the team lauched the BotsChain platform within the Blockchain Center […]

Blockchain Center & The National Startup Support Center Contracted For Cooperating On December 5,2019 At The Techfest Event


The event was attended by the Director of Market Development- Mr. Pham Hong Quat, Science and Technology Enterprise-Mr. Nghiem Thanh Son, Deputy Director of Payment Department-State Bank of Vietnam, speakers, experts, startups, investors, universities, start-up organizations. Besides, contracting between the national start-up support center and Blockchain Center took place at the seminar, which opened up […]